Sweet children, you are now on pilgrimage to the land of immortality. This is your spiritual pilgrimage of the intellect; only you true Brahmins can go on this pilgrimage.


What things should you talk to yourself about and what should you say among yourselves for it to be an auspicious meeting?


Talk to yourself: I, the soul, will leave my dirty, old body and return home. This body is of no use. I will now return home with Baba. When you meet one another, talk among yourselves about how service can expand, how everyone can benefit and how you can show the path to everyone. This is called an auspicious meeting.


The support of the heart should not be broken!

Essence for dharna:

1. Have an auspicious meeting among yourselves and make plans to expand service. Create methods to benefit yourselves and everyone else. Never talk among yourselves about wasteful or useless things.

2. Wake up early in the morning and talk to yourself. Churn the ocean of knowledge. While preparing food, stay in remembrance of the one Father. Pay attention that your thoughts donít wander outside.


May you have a form of subtle light and pass your paper at the time of destruction.

In order to pass the paper at the time of destruction and to face all adverse situations, be one with a subtle form of light. When you become a mobile lighthouse, your physical form will not be visible. It will be as though you wear a costume to play your part and that as soon as you finish your part, you take it off. Put it on in a second and then take it off in a second, that is, become detached. When you have this practice, others who see you will see that you are wearing a costume of light and that light is your decoration.


Always have your wings of zeal and enthusiasm on you and you will easily achieve success in every task.