Sweet children, to be delicate is body consciousness. You children should not have any devilish sanskar of sulking or crying. You have to tolerate happiness and sorrow, respect and disrespect.


What is the main reason for service becoming slack?


Service becomes slack when, out of body consciousness, you begin to look at the weaknesses of one another. Not to get on with someone is also body consciousness. It is being delicate to say: I can’t live with so-and-so; I can’t stay here. To say these words means to become a thorn and be disobedient. Baba says: Children, you are the spiritual military and you should therefore be present as soon as you receive an order. Don’t make excuses about anything.


May you be a constantly ignited light and know your own importance and your task.

You children are lights for the world and so world transformation will therefore take place through your transformation. So, let the past be the past, know your own importance, know your task and be constantly ignited lights. You can bring about world transformation through your self-transformation in a second. Simply practise being karma yogis one moment and being in your karmateet stage the next moment. Just as your creation, a tortoise, withdraws all its organs in a second, in the same way, you master creators, on the basis of the power to merge, have to merge all your thoughts and stabilize in one thought.


In order to experience the stage of being absorbed in love, finish the battling between remembrance and forgetfulness.