15/11/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, only the one Father is the Blissful One who gives blessings to all. The Father alone is called the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. No one apart from Him can remove your sorrow.

There is the system of adoption on both the path of devotion and the path of knowledge, but what is the difference?

On the path of devotion when someone is adopted, there is the relationship of guru and disciple. A sannyasi who is adopted will call himself a follower whereas on the path of knowledge, you are not followers or disciples. You have become children of the Father. To become a child means to have a right to the inheritance.

Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna:

1. This study makes you become like a diamond. Therefore, study well, break away from everyone else and connect yourself to the one Father alone.

2. Follow shrimat and claim your full inheritance of heaven. While walking and moving along, continue to spin the discus of self-realisation.


May you do service as a trustee by renouncing any consciousness of “mine” and become a constantly contented soul.

While living with your family and doing service, always remember: “I am a trustee, a server.” When you do not have any consciousness of “mine” while doing service, you can become content. When there is some consciousness of “mine”, you get disturbed and think: “My child does this…” When there is the consciousness of “mine”, you get disturbed whereas when you have the consciousness of “Yours” (tera – yours), you are able to swim (terna – to swim) across. To say “Yours, yours” means to be in your self-respect and to say “mine, mine” means to have arrogance.


Remain aware of the Father and His shrimat with your intellect at every moment and you will then be called a soul who is surrendered with his heart.