Sweet children, you have each tied the thread of your life to the one Father. Your connection is with the One. Fulfil your responsibility to One.


Each of you souls ties your thread of life to the Supreme Soul at the confluence age. In which way has this continued as a system on the path of ignorance?


The loose end of the bride’s sari is tied to the groom’s sash at their wedding. The wife then understands that she has to be his companion for life. You have now tied the end of your sari to the Father. You understand that you will be sustained by the Father for half the cycle.


May you use all your treasures for world benefit and become an embodiment of success.

You use a lot of time on your limited household and your limited nature and sanskars. However, you have to stay beyond your own household and keep a balance of your thoughts, words, actions, relationships and connections and you will then have greater splendour through less expenditure with the economy of all these treasures. Now, become one who has greater success through less expenditure by using the treasure of your time, the treasure of your energy and your physical treasures. Instead of using them on yourself, use them for world benefit and you will become an embodiment of success.


Remain constantly absorbed in the love of One and you will become free from obstacles.