Sweet children, you have been very well enlightened with knowledge. You know your 84 births, your incorporeal Father and your physical father. Your wandering has finished.

Q- Why have God’s ways and directions been remembered as unique?

A- 1. Because He gives such directions that you Brahmins become unique. All of you become united through the directions of the One. 2. It is only God who bestows salvation on all. He changes you from worshippers to worthy of worship. This is why His ways and directions are unique. No one, except you children, can understand them.

D- 1. Churn the knowledge of the Creator and creation and remain constantly cheerful. Cut away all your old bondages of karma with the pilgrimage of remembrance and make your stage karmateet.___________2. Maya interferes a lot in trance and visions. Therefore, be cautious! Give the Father your news and seek His advice. Don’t make any mistakes.

V- May you be a constantly powerful soul and always have love for the murli of the Murlidhar. ___________Those children who have love for studying, that is, for the murli, receive the blessing of being constantly powerful. No obstacle can remain in front of them. To have love for the Murlidhar means to have love for His murli. If someone says that he has a lot of love for the Murlidhar, but that he does not have time to study, the Father would not accept that because where there is love, there cannot be any excuses. The study and love of the family become a fortress with which they remain safe.

S- Mould yourself to every situation and you will become real gold.