Sweet children, this drama cycle is now ending. Therefore, in order to go to the new world, you have to become like milk and sugar. Everyone there is like milk and sugar, whereas everyone here is like salt water.


By knowing which knowledge have you children, who each has a third eye of knowledge, become knowers of the three aspects of time?


You have now received the knowledge of the history and geography of the whole world. You know the history and geography from the beginning of the golden age to the end of the iron age. You have each received the third eye of knowledge. A soul leaves one body and takes another. Sanskars are in each soul. The Father says: Children, now become detached from name and form. Consider yourselves to be bodiless souls.


May you become victorious by your intellect having faith and experience the Father’s support at every moment instead of stepping away from anything.

Souls who have received the blessing of being victorious experience themselves to have support at every moment. They don’t have the slightest thought in their minds of being without support or being lonely. They are never sad or have limited, temporary disinterest. They never step away from any task, problem or person, but while performing every action and facing everything, they are co-operative and maintain an attitude of unlimited disinterest.


Stay in the company of the one Father and make Him your Companion.