Sweet children, you should not become trapped by the name and form of any bodily being. Become bodiless and remember the Father and your lifespan will increase and you will become free from disease.

What are the main signs of sensible children?

1. Sensible ones first imbibe knowledge themselves and then enable others to do so. Clouds fill themselves and then go and shower on others. They do not yawn at the time of studying. It is the teachers' responsibility to bring here only those who become refreshed and who then go and shower on others.
2. Only those who remain in yoga accurately, who help in making the atmosphere powerful and do not create obstacles are the ones who should come here. Here, silence should be observed all around; there should be no noise of any kind.

Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna:

1. Remain detached from your body and practise stabilising in the religion of yourself. Remember the most beloved Father to whatever extent you can. Remove every thread of attachment from everything.

2. Pay full attention to studying and have blessings and mercy for yourself. Break your intellect’s yoga away from anything limited and connect it to the Unlimited. Sacrifice yourself fully by belonging to the Father.


May you become an easy yogi and gyani soul by finishing all your weaknesses with the constant company of the Truth.

Any weakness comes when you step away from the Truth and become engaged in other company. This is why they say in devotion: Constantly stay in the company of the Truth. The company of the Truth means to stay constantly in the company of the true Father. To have the company of the true Father is easy for you children because you have a close relationship with Him. So, stay constantly in the company of the Truth and become an easy yogi and gyani soul who finishes all weaknesses.


In order to remain constantly happy, renounce the desire to hear any praise.

Invaluable elevated versions of Mateshwariji

The stages of liberation and liberation in life.

The stages of both liberation and liberation in life are their own. When we use the word “liberation”, it means to be liberated from playing a part in a body; it means the soul no longer has a part to play in a body on this earth. When a soul does not have a part as a human being, it means the soul is in the incorporeal world, it is in the world that is beyond happiness and sorrow. This is called the stage of liberation. It is not the status of liberation in life. A soul that is free from any bondage of karma, that is, while being an actor in a body and still detached from any bondage of karma, is in the status of liberation in life; the highest stage of all. That is our deity reward. By making effort in this birth, we receive the golden-aged, deity reward. That is our high status, but how can we say of souls who are not playing a part that they have a status? When a soul doesn’t have a part on the stage, it doesn’t have the status of liberation. All humans are not going to go to the golden age because the human community is very small there. Those who have yoga with God and become karmateet will receive the golden-aged, liberation in life status of deities. The rest will experience punishment from Dharamraj and become free from the bondage of karma. They will become liberated and pure and go to the land of liberation; they are in liberation but they have no status in the land of liberation. That stage is received automatically according to the time without you having to make effort for it. The desire that human beings have from the copper age to the end of the iron age of not coming into the cycle of birth and death is fulfilled now. It means all souls definitely have to pass via the land of liberation. Achcha.