Sweet children, this confluence age is the age for you to be absolved of your sins. You definitely have to become pure in this age and not commit any sins.


Which children can experience supersensuous joy?


Those who are full of the imperishable jewels of knowledge can experience supersensuous joy. The more knowledge you imbibe in your life, the wealthier you become. If you don’t imbibe any jewels of knowledge, you remain poor. The Father is giving you the knowledge of the past, present and future and making you trikaldarshi.


May you become karmateet, like the Father and be free from your body, relations and material comforts.

If those who maintain their soul-conscious form while looking after their household as instruments, according to the directions, and not out of attachment, were to receive an order to depart now, they would do so. When the bugle is blown, your time will not go by in thinking. You would be said to be a conqueror of attachment. Therefore, check yourselves whether any bondages of your body, relations and material comforts are pulling you towards themselves. Where there is some bondage, there will be an attraction, but those who are freewill be close to the karmateet stage, like the Father.


Along with love and co-operation, also become a form of power and you will receive a number ahead in the kingdom.