Sweet children, the unlimited Father has come into this unlimited gathering to adopt you poor children. He doesn't need to go into a gathering of deities.


What day should you celebrate with a lot of pomp and splendour?


The day you died alive and had faith in the Father. That day should be celebrated with a lot of pomp and splendour. That day is Janamasthmi (birthday) for you children. If you celebrate your birthday of dying alive, your intellects will remember that you have stepped away from the old world and you now belong to Baba, that is, you have claimed a right to the inheritance.


The Flame has ignited in the gathering of moths.

Essence for dharna:

1. Definitely make effort for everything. Don't just sit there and think that it is in the drama! Become a karma yogi and a Raja Yogi, not a renunciate of karma or a hatha yogi.

2. In order to return home with the Father without experiencing punishment, make yourself, the soul, satopradhan by remembering Him. Become beautiful from ugly.


May you be an embodiment of power and hoist the flag of newness with your greatness.

Now, according to the time and its closeness, when you influence others with your form of power, you will then be able to bring the final revelation closer. Just as you have revealed love and co-operation, in the same way, give the experience of your form of power in the mirror of service. When you hoist the flag of newness of your Shakti form with your greatness, revelation will take place. Give a vision of the Almighty Authority Father with your form of power.


To donate powers with your mind and virtues with your actions is a great donation.