Sweet children, you have to become praiseworthy by serving at the confluence age. You will then become the most elevated human beings and worthy of worship in the future.


By finishing which illness at its roots will you be able to climb into the Father’s heart?


1. The illness of body consciousness. Because of this body consciousness, all the vices have made you greatly diseased. Only when this body consciousness finishes can you climb into the Father’s heart. 2. In order to climb into the heart, make your intellect broad and unlimited and sit on the pyre of knowledge. Engage yourself in doing spiritual service. Together with speaking knowledge, remember the Father very well.


May you become the merciful children of the Merciful Father and show everyone their destination.

When merciful children of the Merciful Father see anyone acting like a beggar, they would feel mercy for that soul, that he should be benefitted and find his destination. Whoever of you comes into contact with such souls, you would definitely give them the Father’s introduction. When someone comes to your home, you would first of all offer them water and if that person were to leave without accepting anything, it would be considered bad. In the same way, whoever comes into connection with you, you must definitely offer them the water of the Father’s introduction, that is, as children of the Bestower, be bestowers and definitely give them something, so that they reach their destination.


The easy meaning of "an accurate attitude of disinterest”, is to be as loving as you are detached.