Sweet children, you are students of this spiritual university. Your dutyis to give the Father's message to the whole universe.


What do you children beat the drums about and what do you explain to everyone?


You beat the drums to tell everyone that the new divine kingdom is once again being established and that all the innumerable religions are now to be destroyed. You tell everyone to remain carefree because this is an international problem. The war will definitely take place and the divine kingdom will come after that.


May you be spiritually merciful and give extra power to weak, disheartened and powerless souls.

Children who are spiritually merciful become great donors and create hope in those who are completely hopeless cases. They make weak ones powerful. Donations are always given to poor ones who don’t have any support. Become great donors and spiritually merciful to subject-quality souls who are weak, disheartened and powerless. Do not be great donors to one another. Among yourselves, you are co-operative companions, you are brothers, equal effort-makers. So give co-operation, not donations.


Always stay in the elevated company of the one Father and no colour of any other company will then be able to influence you.