16/11/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, the Bharat that was like a diamond has become poverty-stricken by becoming impure. You now have to make it as pure as a diamond once again. You have to plant the sapling of the sweet deity tree.

What are the Father's tasks in which children have to become His helpers?

To establish the deity government over the whole world, to destroy the innumerable religions and establish the one true religion are the Father's tasks. You children have to become helpers in these tasks. Make effort to claim a high status. Don't think that you will go to heaven anyway.

You are the Mother and You are the Father.

Essence for dharna:

1. The reward of the efforts you make at the confluence age is to last for 21 births. Perform elevated deeds while keeping this in your awareness. Create your reward by donating knowledge.

2. The sapling of the sweet deity tree is being planted. Therefore, become extremely sweet.


May you serve as a detached observer while keeping the speciality and uniqueness of your Brahmin birth in your awareness.

This Brahmin birth is a divine birth. Ordinary souls celebrate their birthdays, marriage day, friends’ day separately, but your birthday, marriage day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, engagement day are all the same because all of you have promised to belong to the one Father and none other. So, play your part in doing service while keeping the speciality and uniqueness of this birth in your awareness. Be the companions of others in doing service, but be a companion while remaining a detached observer. Let there not be the slightest subservience to anyone.


A carefree emperor is one who has a balance of humility and authority in his life.

Elevated Versions of Mateshwari

The difference between souls and the Supreme Soul.

Souls and the Supreme Soul remained separated for a long time and a beautiful meeting took place when souls found the Satguru in the form of an agent. We say these words and their accurate meaning is that souls have been separated from the Supreme Soul for a long time. “A long time” means that the souls became separated from the Supreme Soul a long time ago, and so these words prove that souls and the Supreme Soul are separate entities. There is a basic difference between the two, but, because people of the world do not recognise Him, they take these words to mean “I, the soul, am the Supreme Soul”. Because souls are influenced by Maya, they have forgotten their original form. When the influence of Maya is removed, souls become like the Supreme Soul. So, they consider souls to be separate in that way. Then, there are other people who say: “I, the soul, am God”, but because souls have forgotten themselves, they have become unhappy, and so when a soul recognises himself and becomes pure, that soul then merges into the Supreme Soul and becomes one. So, they say that each soul is separate in that way. However, we know that each soul and the Supreme Soul are separate entities. Neither can a soul become God nor can a soul merge into the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul cannot be influenced (covered) in any way.