Sweet children, you Brahmins become deities. You make Bharat into heaven. Therefore, you should have the intoxication of belonging to the Brahmin caste.


What are the main signs of true Brahmins?


1) The anchors of true Brahmins are raised from this old world. It is as though they have left the shore of this old world behind. 2) While doing everything with their hands, true Brahmins keep their intellects in remembrance of the Father, that is, they are karma yogis. 3) A Brahmin means one who is like a lotus flower. 4) A Brahmin means one who constantly makes effort to remain soul conscious. 5) A Brahmin means one who conquers the great enemy of lust.


May you constantly be full of power by understanding the significance of amrit vela and using it accurately.

In order to make yourself full of power, every day at amrit vela, tour around, not with your body, but with your mind. At amrit vela, you have the help of the morning time and you have the help of an intellect that is in a satopradhan stage. Therefore, at a time that is blessed, the mind also has to be in a powerful stage. A powerful stage means a seed stage like that of the Father. In an ordinary stage, you can continue to perform actions, but use the blessed time in an accurate way and all weaknesses will finish.


With the treasure of your powers, make powerless souls who are under an external influence powerful.