Sweet children, the words “loving and non-loving” belong to the family path. Your love now is only for the one Father. You children constantly stay in remembrance of the Father.

Q- What other name could you give to the pilgrimage of remembrance?

A- The pilgrimage of remembrance is the pilgrimage of love. Those who have non-loving intellects have the bad odour of being trapped in someone’s name and form. Their intellects become tamopradhan. Those who love the one Father alone will continue to donate knowledge. They wouldn’t have love for any bodily being.

D- 1. Let your true love in the heart for the one unique, bodiless Father. Always pay attention so that no eclipse of Maya attacks your intellect.__________2. Never sulk with the Father. Remain serviceable and make your future elevated. Don't keep anything that has been given to you by others.

V- May you become free from doing hard work and having difficulties and make Maya and matter your servants by being constantly loving._________The children who are constantly loving, remain constantly protected from doing hard work and having difficulties by being merged in love. Both matter and Maya become servants in front of them from now. This means that souls who are constantly loving become masters, and so matter and Maya do not have the courage to make constantly loving souls use their time or thoughts for them (matter and Maya). Every moment and every thought of theirs is for remembrance of the Father and for service. The praise of the stage of loving souls is that they belong to the one Father and none other, that the Father is their world. They cannot be dependent on anyone even in their thoughts.

S- Become knowledge-full and even problems will be experienced as games of entertainment.