Sweet children, repent sincerely for your sins by staying in remembrance and you will become conquerors of sinful actions and your past karmic accounts will be settled.

Which children are easily able to renounce everything?

The children who have internal disinterest in everything are easily able to renounce everything. You children should no longer have any desire for wanting to wear, eat or do something etc. You have to renounce the whole world including your own bodies. The Father has come to give you heaven on the palms of your hands and so your intellects’ yoga should be removed from this old world.

Mother, o mother, you are the fortune of the world!

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to become a pure, charitable soul, make effort to stay in remembrance. You have to settle your karmic accounts, pass with honours and return home with honour. Therefore, do not be afraid of any suffering for your past actions, but settle your accounts in happiness.

2. Always stay in the intoxication that you are becoming future princes and princesses. This is the college for becoming princes and princesses.


May you be a world benefactor and become a master bestower with your unshakeable stage.

Those who have an unshakeable stage also have good wishes and pure feelings in them. Therefore, each of you should also become unshakeable. The special virtue of those with an unshakeable stage is of being merciful. They will always have the feeling of being a bestower for every soul. Their special title is a world benefactor. They will never have feelings of dislike, conflict, jealousy or criticism for any soul; they will have feelings of benevolence.


The power of silence is the only method with which to put out the fire of anger in others.