Sweet children, you now have the essence of the full knowledge in your intellects, so you don’t even need any pictures. Remember the Father and also remind others to remember Him.


What knowledge will remain in the intellects of you children in the final period?


At that time, your intellects will only have the knowledge of your returning home. Then, from there, you will go down into the cycle. You will gradually come down the ladder and then the Father will come to make your stage ascend. You now know that, firstly, you belonged to the sun dynasty and that you then become part of the moon dynasty etc. There is no need for pictures in this.


May you become tireless, like Father Brahma, and finish carelessness with strict discipline and determination.

In order to become tireless like Father Brahma, finish carelessness. For this, adopt a strict discipline for yourself. Have determination and keep your guards of attention constantly alert and carelessness will then finish. First of all, work on yourself, and then do service and the ground will then be transformed. Now, let go of the Dunlop pillow of thoughts of comfort, such as "I will do it, it will happen”. Keep the slogan "I have to do this” in your head and transformation then will take place.


Powerful words are words in which there are soul-conscious feelings and good wishes.