Sweet children, you have to become the most elevated human beings at this elevated confluence age. The most elevated human beings are Lakshmi and Narayan.


Which incognito task are you children carrying out with the Father?


Establishment of the original eternal deity religion and the deity kingdom. You are carrying out this task with the Father in an incognito way. The Father is the Lord of the Garden who is changing the forest of thorns into the garden of flowers. There’s nothing fearsome in that garden which could cause sorrow.


May you put on the switch of awareness and experience the bodiless stage in a second with your loving intellect.

Where there is love for God, becoming bodiless is likea game of a second. Darkness is dispelled as soon as you put on a light switch. In the same way, when you have a loving intellect and you put on the switch of awareness, the switch of awareness of the body and the physical world is switched off. This is a game of a second. It takes time to say, "Baba, Baba” with your mouth, but it doesn’t take any time to bring Baba into your awareness. The word "Baba” is the soul-conscious bomb with which you forget the old world.


Remain beyond the mud of body consciousness and you will become a double-light angel.