Sweet children, you have to make everyone into a resident of the land of angels. You are those who benefit everyone. Your duty is to make the poor wealthy.


Which of the Father's names are ordinary, even though the task He carries out with those names is very great?


Baba is called the Master of the Garden and the Boatman. These names are very ordinary, yet to take across those who are drowning is such a great task. Just as a swimmer holds on to someone's hand to be taken across, so too, by taking the Father's hand, you become residents of heaven. You are also master boatmen; you show everyone the way to take their boat across.


May you be a karma yogi and finish all karmic bondages with the awareness of your birth of dying alive.

This divine birth of dying alive is not a life of karmic bondage; it is a karma yogi life. In this alokik, divine life, Brahmin souls are independent, not dependent. Those bodies are taken on loan and the Father is filling all the old bodies with power and making them act to serve the whole world. It is the Father’s responsibility, not yours. The Father has given you directions on how to act. You are free and the One who is making everyone move is doing that. With this special inculcation, finish all karmic bondages and become a karma yogi.


The foundation of an attitude of unlimited disinterest is the closeness of time.