Sweet children, the Father has come to reform your character and make the world viceless. You are brothers and your vision should therefore be very pure.


Even though you children are carefree emperors, you should definitely have one main concern. What is that concern?


The main concern you should have is how to become pure from impure. It shouldn't be that you belong to the Father and you have to experience punishment in front of the Father. You should have the concern to be liberated from punishment. Otherwise, at that time, you will feel great shame. You are carefree emperors and you have to give everyone the Father's introduction. Those who understand this become the masters of the unlimited. If some don't understand it, that is their fortune. You mustn't be concerned about that.


May you uplift those who defame you with your good wishes and serve them, just as the Father does.

Just as the Father uplifts those who defame Him, in the same way, no matter what type of soul is in front of you, transform that soul with your feelings of mercy and good wishes. This is true service. Just as scientists are able to grow things in sand, in the same way, be merciful and use the power of silence to uplift those who defame you and thereby transform the land. With your self-transformation and good wishes, any type of soul will be transformed because good wishes definitely bring success.


Churning knowledge is the basis of remaining constantly cheerful.