18/01/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, be trustworthy and check yourself with honesty to see to what extent you have become perfect. In order to become perfect, continue to remove your weaknesses of body consciousness.

What bargain have the children made with the Father for the future? What benefit do you have of that bargain at the confluence age?

Whatever you have, everything worth straws, including your body, you surrender all of that to the Father and say: Baba, we will take everything from you there (in the future), this is the best bargain of all. By doing this, everything of yours remains safe in Baba’s safe and you have the limitless happiness that you are only here for a short time and that you will then be in your kingdom. If someone asks you, tell him: Wah! We are claiming the inheritance of unlimited happiness from our unlimited Father. We are now becoming ever healthy and ever wealthy.


May you be a master bestower of peace and become an instrument to establish the new world with the power of silence.

In order to accumulate the power of silence, stay beyond your body and become bodiless. This power of silence is a very great power – the new world is established with it. Those who are beyond sound and stable in their form of silence will be able to carry out the task of establishment. Therefore, be a bestower of peace, that is, be an embodiment of peace and bestow rays of peace on peaceless souls. Especially increase the power of silence. This is the greatest of all donations. This is the most loved and powerful thing.


To have good wishes for every soul and aspect of matter is to be a world benefactor.