Sweet children, keep this unlimited drama constantly in your consciousness and you will have limitless happiness. It is the good effort-makers, the very special children, who are worshipped the most.

Q- Which consciousness liberates you from all types of sorrow of this world? What is the way to remain cheerful?

A- Always remain aware that you are now going to the future new world. Maintain the happiness of the future and you will forget all your sorrow. In this world of obstacles, there will be obstacles, but when you remain aware that you will only be in this world for a few more days you will remain cheerful.

D- 1. Become sensible and make everything worthwhile by using it in the name of God. Do not donate to impure ones. Have no connection with anyone but Brahmins.__________2. Make sure there are no holes in the apron of your intellect that would allow knowledge to fall out. The unlimited Father is teaching you in order to give you your unlimited inheritance. Stay in this incognito happiness. Become as merciful as the Father.

V- May you be a true server and make everyone powerful by giving them the co-operation of zeal and enthusiasm.____________A server means one who gives everyone the co-operation of zeal and enthusiasm and makes them powerful. Now, there is little time and there is going to be the maximum creation coming here. Don’t become happy thinking that so many have already come. The numbers are now going to increase a lot more and so now give a return of the sustenance you have taken. Be co-operative with weak souls that come and make them powerful, unshakeable and immovable and you will then be called true servers.

S- Stabilise the soul, the spirit, whenever, wherever and however you want. This is spiritual drill.