Sweet children, you have once again reached your destination. You have now come to know the Creator and creation from the Father. You should therefore have goose pimples of happiness.


Why does the Father adorn you children at this time?


Because, you now have to become fully adorned and go to the land of Vishnu (your in-laws’ home). After being decorated with this knowledge, you become the emperors and empresses of the world. You are now at the confluence age. Baba, as the Teacher, is teaching you in order to send you from your Parent’s home to your in-laws' home.


May you become a constantly powerful soul who becomes powerful by eating the practical and instant fruit of the confluence age.

The souls who become instruments for unlimited service at the confluence age receive power as the instant fruit of their becoming instruments. This practical and instant fruit is the fruit of this elevated age. Powerful souls who eat such fruit easily gain victory over any adverse situation that comes to them. Because of being with the Almighty Father, they are easily liberated from all waste. They even gain victory over a situation as poisonous as a snake. This is why, as a memorial, Shri Krishna has been shown dancing on a snake.


Let the past be the past by passing with honours and always stay close to the Father. (paas in Hindi is to be close).