Sweet children, you are the doubly non-violent spiritual army. You have to establish your divine kingdom by following shrimat.


What should you spiritual servers caution everyone about?


Caution everyone: This is the time of that same Mahabharat War. This old world is now going to be destroyed. The Father is inspiring the new world to be established. After destruction, there will be cries of victory. You should all get together and discuss how to give everyone the Father’s introduction before destruction takes place.


May you be an all-rounder who remains alert and ever ready by renouncing even any subtle laziness about making effort.

Getting tired in your efforts is a sign of laziness. Lazy ones get tired quickly, whereas those who have enthusiasm are tireless. Those who become disheartened about their efforts have laziness and think, "What can I do? I can only do this much, I am not able to do any more. I don’t have any courage; I am moving along, I am doing everything…” Now, do not let any name or trace of this subtle laziness remain. To do this, you have to be constantly alert, everready and an all-rounder.


Keeping the importance of time in front of you, accumulate fully attainments in your account.