18/11/20      Morning Murli      Om Shanti     BapDada     Madhuban

Sweet children, you are now being made into true deities by the true Father. Therefore, there will be no need to have the Company of the Truth (satsang –a religious gathering) in the golden age, the age of truth.

Why is it that deities cannot perform any sinful actions in the golden age?

Because they were blessed by the true Father. Sinful actions begin to be performed when you are cursed by Ravan. In the golden and silver ages you are in salvation. There is no mention of degradation at that time; there are no vices and therefore, no sinful actions are performed. Everyone in the copper and iron ages is in degradation and they therefore continue to perform sinful actions. This is something that has to be understood.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Keep the deep philosophy of karma, neutral karma and sinful karma in your intellect and don't perform any sinful actions. Imbibe knowledge and yoga and then give knowledge to others.

2. Do the service of changing ordinary humans into deities by giving the true knowledge of the true Father. Remove everyone from the quicksand of vice.

May you experiment on yourself and claim the certificate of serving with your mind through your powerful stage.

In order to give the blessing of light and might to the world, create a powerful atmosphere at amrit vela by experimenting with remembrance on yourself and you will then be able to claim the certificate of serving with your mind. In the final moments, it is with your mind that you have to do the service of taking others beyond with a glance and changing the attitudes of others with your own attitude. With your elevated awareness, make everyone powerful. When you practise giving light and might in this way, the atmosphere will then become free from obstacles and this fortress will become strong.

A sensible person is one who does all three types of service at the same time: through thoughts, words and actions.

 *** Om Shanti ***