18/11/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, have great interest in doing the service of changing human beings into deities. However, in order to do this service, you need to have deep dharna yourselves.

How do souls become dirty? Which dirt are souls covered with?

Souls become dirty by having remembrance of friends and relatives. The number one rubbish is body consciousness and then the rubbish of greed and attachment begins. Souls become covered with the dirt of the vices. Then they forget to have remembrance of the Father and are unable to do service.

My heart desires to call out to You.

Essence for dharna:

1. Have full yoga with the sweet Father and become extremely sweet and soul conscious. Churn the ocean of knowledge, first imbibe it yourself and then explain to others.

2. Make your stage strong. Be fearless. Have an interest in doing the service of changing human beings into deities.


May you be in a state of happiness with the fortune of happiness by constantly eating and feeding others the nourishment of happiness.

You children have true, imperishable wealth and so you are the wealthiest of all. Even if you only eat dry chappatis, those dry chappatis are filled with the nourishment of happiness. Nothing more is needed. You are the ones who eat the best nourishment, the chappatis of happiness, and so you are constantly in a state of happiness. Therefore, constantly stay in this state of happiness so that others who see you also become happy, for only then will you be said to be souls who have the fortune of happiness.


A knowledge-full person is someone who does not waste a single thought or word.