Sweet children, you now have to remain very, very simple. When you wear expensive, fashionable clothes, body consciousness comes.


In which aspect do children become lazy if they don't have a high status in their fortune?


Baba says: Children, in order to reform yourselves, keep your chart. There's a lot of benefit in keeping a chart of your remembrance. Always keep a notebook with you. Check for how long you stayed in remembrance of the Father. What is your register like? Is your character divine? Do you stay in remembrance of Baba while doing everything? It is only when you have remembrance that your rust can be removed and your fortune can become elevated.


May you be able to concentrate and control your mind with an injection of bodiless.

Nowadays, if someone goes out of control, if he causes a lot of trouble, jumps around or becomes crazy, he is given an injection to quieten him down. In the same way, if your power of thought is not under your control, give yourself an injection of bodilessness. Your power of thought will not then go to waste. You will easily be able to concentrate. However, if you give the reins of your intellect to the Father but then take them back, your mind would create unnecessary, hard work. Now, become free from unnecessary, hard work.


Keep your ancestor form in your awareness and have mercy for all souls.