Sweet children, this whole world is a big hospital of the diseased. Baba has come to make the whole world free from disease.


Which awareness should you have so that you never wilt or experience waves of sorrow?


We are now to leave these old bodies and this old world and return home and then take rebirth in the new world. We are now studying Raja Yoga in order to go to the kingdom. The Father is establishing the spiritual land of kings (Rajasthan) for us children. When you maintain this awareness, there will be no waves of sorrow.


May you sacrifice all consciousness of the self with a balance of sense and essence and thereby become a world transformer.

Sense means understandingpoints of knowledge and understanding and essence means having the awareness of being an embodiment of all powers as an embodiment of power. If you have a balance of these two, all consciousness of the self and all old things will be sacrificed. By sacrificing every second, every thought, every word and every action for the service of world transformation, you will automatically become a world transformer. Those who sacrifice themselves and the awareness of their own bodies are easily able to transform the atmosphere with their elevated vibrations.


Remember your attainments and things of sorrow and distress will be forgotten.