Sweet children, you are the Godly community. You have found the Father, the Sun of Knowledge. You have now awakened and you therefore have to awaken others.


Why are there all the different conflicts and what is the solution to them?


When there is body consciousness, there are many different types of conflict; there are the omens of Maya. Baba says: Become soul conscious and engage yourself in doing service. Stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and all the bad omens will be removed.


May you be a true renunciate who experiences fortune by having renunciation in your elevated dharna.

The elevated dharna of Brahmins is complete purity. It is remembered of this dharna: You do not break your promise even if you have to die.” In any type of situation, whether you have to renounce something or tolerate something or face some opposition or have courage to uphold this dharna, do it happily. Do not consider renunciation to be renunciation, but experience it as fortune and you will then be called a true renunciate. Those with such dharna are called true Brahmins.


Those who keep all their powers in order are master almighty authorities.