Sweet children, whilst running your business etc., constantly remember your Godly student life and this study. Stay in the intoxication that God, Himself, is teaching you.


What are the signs of the children who know how to digest the nectar of knowledge?


They constantly have spiritual intoxication. On the basis of that intoxication, they continue to benefit everyone. They don't like doing anything apart from benefiting everyone. They remain busy in the service of changing thorns into flowers.


May you give the proof of your faith by experiencing spiritual intoxication and becoming constantly victorious.

Alokik, spiritual intoxication is the mirror of faith. The proof of faith is intoxication and the proof of intoxication is happiness. Maya cannot carry out any of her games in front of those who always remain happy and intoxicated. Maya cannot enter the kingdom of a carefree emperor. Spiritual intoxication easily enables you to forget the old world and old sanskars. Therefore, constantly maintain the intoxication of your soul-conscious form, the intoxication of your spiritual life, the intoxication of being an angel and the intoxication of the future and you will become victorious.


The virtue of sweetness is a greatness of Brahmin life; therefore, become sweet and make others sweet.