Sweet children, forget everything that you see with those eyes, including your own body, and remember the one Father, because all of it is about to be destroyed.

What effort do you have to make in order to win the lottery of having a royal status in the golden age?

1. In order to claim a royal status in the golden age, pay full attention to yourself. See that there are no evil spirits within you. If there are any evil spirits you will not be able to marry Lakshmi. In order to become a king, you have to create subjects here.
2. You have to become cry-proof here. If you have a shock while remembering some bodily being and you leave your body, your status will be destroyed, and this is why you have to make effort to stay in remembrance of the Father.

If not today, then tomorrow, the clouds will disperse.

Essence for dharna:

1. Do not allow your intellect to be trapped in any bodily being. You have to keep an accurate record of your remembrance. You must never cry.

2. You have to stabilise yourself in your original religion of peace. Do not wander around searching for peace. Liberate everyone from that wandering. Remember the land of peace and the land of happiness.


May you become free from disheartenment and arrogance and carry out the task of renewal with humility.

Never become disheartened in your efforts. “I have to do this. I have to become this.” “The rosary of victory is my memorial”. Become victorious with this awareness. Do not give a place for disheartenment to enter your heart for even a second or a minute. Both arrogance and disheartenment do not allow you to be strong. Those who have arrogance also have a lot of feeling of being insulted. Therefore, become free from both of these and you will then be able to carry out the task of renewal.


Be seated on the throne of world service and you will be able to sit on the throne of your kingdom.