Sweet children, become free from bondage and remain busy in service, because you can earn a huge income through this service; you become the masters of Paradise for 21 births.


Which habit should each one of you children instil in yourself?


To explain points of the murli. If your Brahmin teacher goes somewhere, it should be possible to hold class among yourselves. If you do not learn how to conduct class, how would it be possible to make others become like yourselves? You should not become confused without your teacher. This study is simple. Continue to keep the class going because this practice is also required.


May you be a charitable soul who completely fills souls with all treasures with the support of the authority of the Almighty.

Those kings (those who had desires after the Copper age) had the full authority of giving donations and charity, and with the full power of their authority, they could make anyone whatever they wanted. In the same way, you great donor, charitable souls have received the special authority directly from the Father to become conquerors of matter and conquerors of Maya. On the basis of your pure thoughts, you can enable any souls to forge a relationship with the Father and completely fill them with all treasures. Simply use this authority in an accurate way.


When you celebrate completion and perfection, time, matter and Maya will then bid you farewell.