Sweet children, you are now on the shore and have to go across to the other side. Prepare to return home.


By remembering which aspect will your stage become unshakeable and immovable?


Past is past. Do not worry about the past but continue to move forward. Constantly continue to look at the One and your stage will become unshakeable and immovable. You have now left the limits of the iron age, so why should you look back? Your intellects should not be pulled by that at all; this is a very subtle study.


May you be a true server who accomplishes the task of world transformation by doing service at a fast speed.

In order to serve at a fast speed, you need to have a balance of both "rup” and "basant” collectively. With the form of "basant” you are able to carry out the task of giving the message to many souls at one time. In the same way, as "rup”, that is,with the power of remembrance and the power of elevated thoughts, you have to do service at a fast speed. Create an invention for this. Along with this, collectively, sacrifice the sesame seeds and barley grain of old sanskars, old nature and old activity with determination and the task of world transformation will then be accomplished and the yagya completed.


With the balance of being a master and a child, put your plans into a practical form.