20/11/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, in order to become ever healthy and ever wealthy, you now have to insure your bodies, minds and wealth directly. It is only at this time that you can take out this unlimited insurance.

What should you remind one another about so that you can all progress?

Remind one another that the drama is about to end and that we have to return home. We have played these parts innumerable times before. We have completed our 84 births. We will now remove these costumes, these bodies, and return home. This is the service that you spiritual social workers have to do. You spiritual social workers must continue to give this message to everyone: Forget your body and all your bodily relations and remember the Father and the home.

Leave Your throne in the sky and come down to earth!

Essence for dharna:

1. Become a spiritual social worker and teach everyone this spiritual pilgrimage. Plant the sapling of your deity religion.

2. Use your refined intellect to reveal the Father. First imbibe everything yourself, and then explain it to others.


May you become an embodiment of easy success by doing powerful service with your mind while also serving with words.

Just as you have become experienced in being constantly busy in serving with words, similarly, at every moment, together with serving with words, let there also automatically be service taking place with your thoughts. “Serving with the mind” means that you and others automatically feel the pure vibrations of having good wishes and pure feelings at every moment for every soul. Let there constantly be blessings emerging from your mind for all souls at every moment. By serving with your mind, the energy of your words will be saved and this powerful service with your mind will easily make you an embodiment of success.


Those who glorify the Father’s name with their every deed are true, Godly helpers.