21/01/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, in order to claim blessings from the Father, follow shrimat at every step.Keep your activity good.

Who can climb onto Shiv Baba’s heart throne?

When Brahma Baba guarantees that a particular child is serviceable and gives everyone happiness, that he doesn’t cause sorrow for anyone through his thoughts, words or deeds, when Brahma Baba says this of him, he can sit on Shiv Baba’s heart throne.

What service are you spiritual servants doing with Baba at this time?

You spiritual servants not onlypurify the whole world, but also the five elements. This is why you are true social workers.

Claim blessings from the Mother and the Father.

Essence for dharna:

1. Don't upset anyone. Make everyone happy with your thoughts, words and deeds and claim blessings from the Father and the family.

2. Become worthy children and do spiritual service of Bharat. Have a merciful heart and become a spiritual social worker. Serve with your body, mind and wealth. Remain true to the true Lord.


May you be master satguru and doubly underline your words and make them precious.

The words of you children have to be words that those who are listening would be thirsty to hear you say something. This is known as speaking precious, elevated versions. Elevated versions are not a lot of words. If someone continues to speak whenever he wants, those words would not be called elevated versions. You are master satgurus, children of the Satguru, and so, each word of yours is an elevated version. At any time and in any place, only speak words that are necessary, yuktiyukt and beneficial for yourself and for other souls. Doubly underline your words.


Be a jewel who has pure and positive thoughts and continue to brighten the world with your rays.