Sweet children, the Father has come to take you children to the world of happiness, rest and comfort. Only in the land of peace and the land of happiness is there rest and comfort.

Q- What does Maya first attack in you on this battlefield?

A- Your faith: whilst you are moving along, she breaks your faith and thereby defeats you. If there is firm faith that the Father, the One who removes everyone’s sorrow and bestows happiness, is the One who is giving us shrimat, that He is giving us the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of creation, you can never be defeated by Maya.

D- 1. Become conquerors of attachment and remember the Father. Whilst living at home with your families, make effort to become the masters of the world. Continue to renounce the vices.___________2. Your activity should be such that everyone who sees you will follow. Check that there are no vices remaining within you.

V- May you be a truly loving beloved soul who observes every elevated direction (shrimat) of the Father.____________The children who are always merged in love for the one Father, love every word spoken by the Father and their questions finish. The foundation of Brahmin birth is love. The loving, beloved souls do not experience any difficulty in observing the Father’s shrimat. Because of their love, they always have enthusiasm for whatever Baba has said. They think that it is personally for them and that they have to do it. Loving souls have big hearts and so, for them, every big thing also becomes small.

S- To have a sensitive feeling about anything is a sign of failure.