Sweet children, you have come to the unlimited Father to claim your unlimited inheritance. Nothing here is limited. When you remember the Father with a lot of enthusiasm, the old world will be forgotten.


Which aspect should you repeatedly grind into yourself and make firm?


I am a soul. I am receiving my inheritance from the Father, the Supreme Soul. Souls are children and the Supreme Soul is the Father. The meeting of the children with the Father takes place now. Make this aspect firm by repeatedly grinding it into yourself. The more soul conscious you become, the more your body consciousness will end.


May you be a true server and fill those who are weak with power through your powerful service.

The real speciality of a true server is to become an instrument to fill weak ones with power. Everyone does service, but the reason for the difference seen in their success is a lack of power in the facilities of service. For instance, when a sword is not sharp, that sword does not work. In the same way, if the facilities of service do not have the power of remembrance in them, there is then no success. This is why you have to become powerful servers. Fill weak ones with power and enable quality souls to emerge. You will then be called a true server.


Consider every situation to be a means of the flying stage and constantly continue to fly.