Sweet children, your Brahmin life now is higher than the deity life, because, at this time, you know the three worlds and also the three aspects of time. You are Godís children.

What steep climb are you children climbing?

To change from human beings into deities is the steep climb and you are now climbing that. It is said that if you climb, you can taste the nectar of love. This is a very steep climb, but the wonder of it is that you climb it within a second, whereas it takes time to descend.

There will be cries of victory when the urn of sin breaks. How is this symbolised on the path of devotion?

Sita is shown emerging from an urn, that is, when the urn of sin becomes full and breaks, Sita and Radhe take birth.

Take us far away from this land of sin to a place of rest and comfort!

Essence for dharna:

1. You have to study the unlimited history and geography and teach others. In order for you to be given the ornaments you have to become a pure angel.

2. The Intellect of the Wise is only the one Father. Therefore, follow His shrimat and become wise. Maintain the intoxication that this Brahmin life is invaluable.


May you be an image that attracts by imbibing the fragrance of complete purity along with colour and form.

By becoming Brahmins, you have all developed colour and your forms have transformed. However, your fragrance is numberwise. In order to become an image that attracts, along with colour and form, you also need to have the fragrance of complete purity. Purity doesnít mean just celibacy, but it is means to be detached from bodies. Do not let your heart become attached to anything except the Father. Be celibate in terms of your body, celibate in your relationships and celibate in your sanskars. Only spiritual roses with such fragrance become images that attract.


Recognise the real truth and it will become easy for you to experience supersensuous joy.