Sweet children, the Father is teaching you in order to make you into beautiful deities. The foundation of your beauty is purity.


What is the sign of the moths who sacrifice themselves to the spiritual Flame?


1. Moths who sacrifice themselves to the Flame know Him accurately as He is and they remember Him accurately. 2. To sacrifice oneself means to become equal to the Father. 3. To sacrifice oneself means to claim a right to a kingdom that is higher than the Father's.


May you be a detached observer while seeing scenes of sorrow and peacelessness in the iron-aged world with unlimited disinterest.

Whatever may be happening in the iron-aged world, you are always in the ascending stage. For the world there are cries of distress, whereas for you there are cries of victory. You are not afraid of any situation because you have become ready in advance. You see all types of games as detached observers. Whether someone is crying or calling out loudly, there is pleasure in observing as a detached observer. Those who observe the scenes of sorrow and peacelessness of the iron-aged world as detached observers easily become those who have unlimited disinterest.


Whatever type of land you want to prepare, as well as serving with words, also serve with your attitude.