Sweet children, this confluence age is the auspicious time to become the most elevated, because it is at this time that the Father teaches you how to change from an ordinary human into Narayan.


What knowledge do you children have due to which you don't cry under any circumstance?


You have the knowledge that this drama is predestined. You know that each soul has his own part to play in this drama. The Father is giving us our inheritance of happiness, so how can we cry? We were concerned to find the One who lived beyond, in the brahm element. We have now found Him, so what else do we need? Fortunate children never cry.


May you be a constant and natural yogi, who always keeps your crown and your throne with you.

At the present time, all of you children receive from the Father a crown and a throne. The present crown and throne enable you to receive a crown and throne for many future births. If you constantly keep your crown of responsibility for world benefit and BapDada’s heart-throne with you, you will become a constant and natural yogi. There will then be no question of making any type of effort because, firstly, you have a close relationship and, secondly, your attainment is limitless. Where there is attainment, there is natural remembrance.


With a plain intellect, put your plans into a practical form for success is merged in that.