Sweet children, sit in solitude and talk to yourself. Practise, "I am an imperishable soul and listen to the Father.”


What words emerge from the mouths of the children who are careless about remembrance?


They say: I am a child of Shiv Baba anyway. I am in remembrance. However, Baba says: All of that is lies and carelessness. You have to make effort to have remembrance. Wake up early in the morning and sit in remembrance while considering yourself to be a soul. Have a spiritual conversation with yourself. It is the soul that speaks. You are now becoming soul conscious. Only soul-conscious children will keep a chart of remembrance. They will not just tell tall stories of knowledge.


May you be detached, loving and free from other thoughts and receive everyone’s love from the hearts.

The children who have the virtue of being detached and loving and the speciality of being free from any other thoughts, that is, those who have this blessing are loved by everyone. This is because, by remaining detached, they automatically receive everyone’s love from the heart. With their powerful stage of being free from any other thoughts and their elevated karma, they become instruments to serve many. Therefore, they remain content and they also benefit others. They automatically receive success in every task they do.


The one word "Baba” is the key to all treasures. Always look after this key carefully.