Sweet children, the Father is laying the foundation of heaven. You children have to become His helpers and accumulate your share. Follow Godís directions and make your reward elevated.

What type of children is BapDada always on the lookout for?

The Father is always on the lookout for children who are extremely sweet with cool natures and who are serviceable. Only serviceable children will glorify the Father's name. To the extent that you become a helper of the Father and are obedient and trustworthy, so you accordingly claim a right to the inheritance.

Salutations to Shiva!

Essence for dharna:

1. There is sorrow in everything in this world of Maya. Therefore, do not have any desires connected with this old world. Even if storms of Maya come, never defame the family.

2. Take precautions with your diet. Be very tactful when you go to a party etc.


May you be an embodiment of experience who doesnít see anything bad in anything, but who learns the lesson of taking something good from it.

Even if something is totally bad, there will definitely be one or other good within it. Everything has the goodness of teaching you a lesson merged within it because everything is instrumental in making you experienced. It teaches you the lesson of patience. Someone may be forceful, and so, at that time, you would be learning the lesson of patience or tolerance. This is why it is said: Whatever is happening is good and whatever is to happen will be even better. You simply need to have an intellect to take the goodness from it. Do not see anything bad, but take the goodness and you will become number one.


In order to become constantly happy, transform anything bad into good with the power of silence.