Sweet children, you are very royal students. You have to stay in remembrance of the Father, Teacher and Satguru and do spiritual service.


What are the signs of those who move along while considering themselves to be unlimited actors?


They do not let their intellects remember any subtle or corporeal bodily being. They continue to remember the one Father and their home, the land of peace, because all the greatness is of the one Father. Just as the Father helps the whole world and purifies the impure, so you children become helpers in the same way as the Father.


May you become free from bondage and liberated in life and remain constantly stable in an unlimited stage.

Body consciousness is a limited stage whereas being soul conscious is an unlimited stage. When you enter a body, you have to enter karmic bondages and limitations, but when you become soul conscious, all of those bondages finish. It is said: Those who are free from bondage are liberated in life. In the same way, those who remain stable in an unlimited stage become liberated from the vibrations and environment of the world as well as the tamoguni attitudes and attacks of Maya. This is known as the stage of liberation-in-life, which you have to experience at the confluence age.


The sign of a faithful intellect is that that one has victory guaranteed and is carefree. No waste can come to such a soul.