Sweet children, it is your great fortune if your intellects are able to have constant remembrance of the Father.


What are the signs of the children who are interested in doing service?


They are unable to remain without relating knowledge. They sacrifice their bones for spiritual service. They have great happiness in explaining spiritual knowledge. They continue to dance in happiness. They have a lot of regard for those who are senior to them and continue to learn from them.


May you be a spiritual server and play your part in serving with the awareness of the mantra, "Incorporeal becomes corporeal”.

Just as the incorporeal Father becomes corporeal and plays His part in serving, in the same way, you children also have to keep the tool of this mantra in your awareness and play your parts in serving. This physical world and your physical bodies are the stage. The stage is the support and the actor is the image of support, the master. Having this awareness, become detached and play your part and, together with having sense, you will then become an essence-full, spiritual server.


Those who observe every game as detached observers are true witnesses.