Sweet children, this original, eternal drama is predestined. Whatever scene passes, it will repeat after a cycle. Therefore, always remain carefree.


What signs indicate that this world has now reached its tamopradhan stage?


Day by day, upheavals continue to happen and there is so much chaos. Robbers beat people up and loot everything. There is so much damage caused by rainfall out of season. All of these signs indicate that this world is tamopradhan. Tamopradhan nature continues to cause sorrow. You children know the secrets of the drama. Therefore, you say that it is nothing new.


May you be ever-ready and on the basis of having a clear line, pass with number one.

To be constantly ever-ready is a speciality of Brahmin life. Let the line of your intellect be so clear that whenever you receive a signal from the Father, you are ever-ready. At that time, let there be no need to think about anything. Suddenly, you will be asked a question, you will be given an order, to sit down here, you will be told to go somewhere. At that time, you must not remember any situation or relative, for only then will you pass with number one. However, you must be ever-ready for this will be a sudden paper.


In order to make your mind powerful, give yourself, the soul, the food of God’s awareness and power.