Sweet children, make yourselves worthy of claiming a tilak of sovereignty. The more you study, and the more you follow shrimat, the more you will be able to claim your tilak of sovereignty.


What awareness should you maintain so that you forget the awareness of Ravan?


Always remain aware that you are neither male nor female, but souls, that you are claiming your inheritance from the senior Father (Shiv Baba) through the junior father (Brahma). This awareness removes your awareness of Ravan’s devilish things. When you have the awareness that you are all simply children of the one Father, your awareness of devilish things will end. This is a very good way to remain pure. However, a lot of effort is required for this.


May you pass in the paper of one second with your controlling power and pass withhonours.

Come into the body one moment and to be detached from the body the next and to stabilise in the avyakt stage. To the extent that there is chaos, let your stage be very peaceful and for this you need the power to pack up. In one second, go from expansion to the essence and in one second, go from the essence to its expansion – only those with such controlling power are able to control the world. It is this practise that will enable you to pass with honours in the final paper of one second.


Experience and give others the experience of the stage of retirement and the games of childhood will finish.