Sweet children, the multimillions you have here will be of no use. Everything is to turn to dust. Therefore, now earn a true income for the land of truth.

Due to which aspect are you Brahmins considered to be more elevated than the deities?

You Brahmins now serve everyone spiritually. You enable souls to experience meeting the Father, the Supreme Soul. Deities do not do public service. There, as are the king and queen, so the subjects: they experience the reward of the efforts they made here. They do not do any service. This is why you Brahmin servers are considered to be more elevated than the deities.

Essence for dharna:

1. Become a bestower of happiness like the Father. Do not cause sorrow for anyone through your thoughts, words or deeds. Let your consciousness be filled with peace and always stay cheerful.

2. Do not waste your time in wasteful thoughts. Praise the Father internally.


May you be free from any bondage of karma and perform every action as a karma yogi according to the elevated directions.

The children who perform every action according to the elevated directions have unlimited spiritual intoxication. While performing actions, they do not attract any bondage of karma; they are detached and loving. By performing actions a karma yogis, waves of sorrow cannot come to them; they remain constantly detached and loving. No bondage of any action can pull them. They always perform actions as masters and this is why they experience the stage of being free from any bondage. Such souls remain constantly happy themselves and also give happiness to others.


Become an authority of experience and you will never be deceived.