Sweet children, this life of yours is very, very valuable because you are now serving the world according to shrimat. You are making this hell into heaven.


What is the reason why your happiness disappears and how can you resolve that?


Your happiness disappears: 1. When you become body conscious 2. When you have doubts in your heart. This is why Baba advises you: Whenever any doubt arises, instantly ask Baba about it. Practise being soul conscious and you will remain constantly happy.


May you constantly be fearless conquerors of Maya who observe the games of Maya as detached observers.

From time to time, the stage of you children progresses. Similarly, let there now not be any attack of Maya. Let Maya come to salute you, not to attack you. Even if Maya does come, observe her as though in a game. Experience her as though you are watching a limited game as a detached observer. No matter how fearsome the form of Maya is, if you see her as a toy in a game, you will have great pleasure. You won’t then be afraid of her. The children who, as players, observe the games of Maya as detached observers, remain constantly fearless and become conquerors of Maya.


Become such an ocean of love that anger cannot come close to you.