Sweet children, become soul conscious and all your illnesses will end and you will become the double-crowned masters of the world.


Which children should sit personally in front of the Father?


Those who know how to perform the dance of knowledge. When the children who perform the dance of knowledge are personally in front of the Father, Baba then speaks such a murli. If someone sitting in front of Baba looks here and there, Baba understands that that child doesn't understand anything. Baba would then ask the Brahmin teacher: Whom have you brought here? He is sitting in front of the Father and yawning! Since you children have found such a Father, you should dance in happiness!


May you finish your account of waste with your trikaldarshi stage and thereby become a constant embodiment of success.

To be stable in the trikaldarshi stage means to check before creating any thought, speaking any word or performing any act as to whether it is wasteful or powerful. One second of waste can create a loss of multimillions and one second of a powerful thought can accumulate an income of multimillions. One second of waste creates a huge loss in your income due to which even the income you have earned becomes hidden. This is why, you must not perform any actions just seeing one aspect of time but perform every action while being stable in the trikaldarshi stage. All waste will then finish and you will become an embodiment of constant success.


The renunciation of respect, honour and facilities is the greatest renunciation.