24/01/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, this is the confluence age when there is the meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul. The Satguru only comes once to give you children true knowledge and teach you to speak the truth.

Which children's stage remains first class?

Those whose intellects are aware that everything belongs to Baba. The stage of the children who follow shrimat at every step and who completely renounce everything remains first class. The journey is long and so you must continue to follow the elevated directions of the highest Father.

Which children experience infinite happiness while listening to the murlis?

Those who understand that they are listening to Shiv Baba's murlis and that Shiv Baba speaks those murlis through the body of Brahma. Our most beloved Baba speaks those to us to make us constantly happy and to change us from human beings into deities. When you have this awareness while listening to the murlis you will experience happiness.

Beloved, come and meet me.

Essence for dharna:

1. Give everyone the treasures of happiness and peace that you have received from the Father. Use this knowledge to make effort and make your stage strong.

2. In order to imbibe divine virtues, renounce body consciousness, consider yourself to be a soul, become bodiless and remember the one Beloved.


May you be a special soul who receives the fruit of contentment from your seed of speciality.

In this special age, the most elevated fruit from the seed of speciality is contentment. To be content and to make everyone content is the sign of a special soul. Therefore, water the seed and blessing of speciality with the water of all powers and it will become fruitful. Otherwise, from time to time, a fully grown tree is also shaken by storms and breaks. This means that as you move along, there isnít that hope, enthusiasm, happiness or spiritual intoxication. So, make your powerful seed fruitful by using the right method.


To share the prasad (holy food) of experience and make weak ones powerful is the greatest charity of all.