God Shiva speaks: Sweet children, remember Me and love Me because only I come to make you constantly happy.


What words automatically emerge from the lips of the children who continue to be careless?


I will receive whatever is in my fortune! I will definitely go to heaven in any case! Baba says: These are not the words of effort-making children. You have to make effort to claim a high status. Since the Father has come to give you a high status, don't be careless.


May you become a self-transformer and a world transformer by finishing any difference between your thinking and your doing.

Any sanskar, nature, word or connection that is not accurate is wasteful: speed up the machinery to transform that waste. Think and do: only then will the machinery of world transformation speed up. At the moment, a difference is visible in the thinking and doing of souls who are instruments for establishment. So, finish that difference. Only then will you self-transformers be able to become world transformers.


The luckiest of all are those who have received the gift of experience in their lives.